Masonry / Architectural

Masonry materials such as bricks, concrete, clay bricks and architectural collection for your home or building

Give your home charisma and elegance with our selection of brick and stone. At Beto-Bloc, you’ll find materials to inspire your exterior cladding and masonry projects. Stone veneer, brick and stone, clay brick and architectural collection — it all depends on your preference! We carry the top masonry brands like Permacon, Eldorado Stone, Shouldice, Rinox amongst others. We also have material and accessories that will make your windows blend beautifully with the front of your home. Window sills, corners, edges, trims, columns, lintels and keystones are also available to ensure a perfect fit. There are clear advantages of exterior siding manufactured according to masonry principles, and stone and brick are of course proven to be strong and durable. The final result will give your home an elegant appearance.

For large-scale projects, such as exterior cladding for a storefront, or even an entire building, it’s important to use quality materials that require minimal maintenance. The architectural stone and brick selection will make a huge difference for your building’s desired look. Rustic, modern, medieval, classical — the possibilities are endless. It’s not enough to simply choose a type of stone or brick.

It’s also important to look after details that greatly affect the building’s final appearance. Beto-Bloc offers a full range of products and accessories. These accessories will enhance your building’s appearance as well as increase its value. What’s more, to meet your specific needs, our manufacturers can design custom-made ornamental stones. Visit the Beto-Bloc showroom to see our selection of stones and bricks from manufacturers like Shouldice, Permacon, Rinox amongst other.


Permacon Products
Global leader in concrete products, Permacon offers an impressive variety of masonry designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment. More

Shouldice Products
Known for its exceptionally beautiful architecture stone, Shouldice Stone today offers a full range of extremely high quality masonry stone veneer. More

Plametto Brick Products
Palmetto Brick has been perfecting its products over four generations and offers its clients outstanding, internationally renowned clay brick. More

Carolina Ceramic Products
Since 1939, Carolina Ceramics has grown from a residential clay brick supplier into one of the most prestigious suppliers in the field of masonry. More

Watsontown Brick Company Products
Watsontown Brick’s clay bricks are available in a full range of colours, sizes and shapes, and are designed to meet the highest aesthetic standards, More

Gillis Quarries Products
Gillis Quarries supplies North America with Tyndall stone, a limestone from the Canadian prairies famous for its cream colour and More

Champlain Stone Products
We offer a variety of high-quality natural granite, quartzitic sandstone and limestone products. Hand-quarried from the majestic More

Brampton Brick
Brampton Brick products transform neighborhoods, towns and communities. After all, nothing makes a vital first – and lasting impression like More

Hebron Brick
Hebron Brick Company is the only manufacturer of brick in North Dakota and one of the most successful brick companies in the Upper Midwest. More

Rinox Inc.
At Rinox, our mission is to continuously innovate and regularly introduce new Landscaping, Masonry and Alternative Masonry products. More

C.P.C.O. Inc. specializes in the manufacture of architectural concrete elements: Lighters, lintels, keystones, arches, jambs etc. More

Senneco distributes materials for masonry in the residential, commercial and institutional construction field. More

KING Masonry Products include a variety of mortars and grouts specially designed for new construction and More

Interstar is a different kind of concrete pigment company More